Moving the Vial House

In the mid 1980’s, the Timber Trials Golf Course was a very popular golfing destination in the area. In addition to being a favorite golf stop, it was the home of an old house on the property.old location of Vial HouseThe Vial house was being used for storage and on occasion a part time office facility for the golf course maintenance people. The golf course owner had spoken on different occasions about demolishing the house to make room for additional parking for the golf facility.

Over the similar years span, the Flagg Creek Historical Society was holding meetings in the Lyonsville Church and also in the Pleasant Dale Park District facility. Discussions among the historical society leadership and members often referenced the subject matter of finding a permanent home in the area for the society. The opportunity came about for the society to obtain the Vial Home. The owner of the house, Roger Anderson, was agreeable to making the building available to the society with the stipulation that the house was to be moved from its location on the golf course to another site.

Excited with the possibility of obtaining a home, the society began to look for a potential site to relocate the house. After long negotiations and through the efforts of Ruth Martin and many other society members and supporters, the property on the Pleasant Dale Park District was secured.

The society paid $1.00 for the property and then hired the Grant Moving Company for $20,000 to relocate the house from the golf course to its current site on Wolf Road.

Early one morning in July of 1989, the house grew “legs” in the form of a trailer and tow truck. After loading the house on the trailer, a historic journey was initiated. The trip would take it west on Plainfield Road to Country Line Road.


The building then proceeded south to 79th Street and rolled on east to Wolf Road when the entourage proceeded north on Wolf Road to its current location. Over 15 hours later and to the delight of hundreds of onlookers, the 1856 Vial House reached its final destination. As darkness settled in, the house was located on its new foundation and the job for the society was only just beginning.

A multi-year restoration project brought the old house back to its near original status. The Flagg Creek Heritage Society can now boast of having the house which is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Vial House restored