About Us

The Flagg Creek Heritage Society was originally founded in 1976 as the Flagg Creek Historical Society. The name was recently changed to the Flagg Creek Heritage Society. After years of waiting and a significant amount of effort, The IRS has granted us the coveted 501(c)(3) designation. The reference is partly the reason for the name change, but we also feel that it is more distinguished and relates to the National Heritage Corridor.

The designation change enables our society to apply for grants of varying amounts. This new ability will help us invigorate the society in several different ways. One of the most important ways in which we will be moving is to increase our efforts to apply for and raise funds for a proper new museum. Many, if not most funding agencies will not even consider grant applications from organizations that do not have the 501(c)(3) designation.

Although the name changes, the initials FCHS remain the same. So does our ongoing mission. Our programs, exhibits, collections of artifacts, Vial House activities and educational efforts will continue as usual. We continue to move ahead with our new name and with a great deal more enthusiasm.

Our Mission Statement

To collect and preserve objects and information related to the history of the Flagg Creek area, as well as adjacent areas, and to share this information through displays, exhibits, lectures, publications and other educational programs.